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Now, Lets Protect Your Investment...

Wax is Dead! Never wax your car again. There is better technology out there now, plain and simple

Just to be clear, we are not a detail shop much less a car wash facility. We are a LOW volume, HIGH quality kind of establishment. We do treatments to vehicles that keep them looking like New for years. seriously slowing down its surface aging process. All while protecting its surface from scratches, swirls, chemicals and spills. 

Its Simple, in just 4 easy steps we can protect YOUR car. Just 

  • Choose your level of Paint Protection Film Coverage
  • Choose your Coating of Choice and Longevity/Performance
  • Level of Prep Desired
  • Extra Add On Services

For Best Results, we recommend a scheduled appraisal where we can walk through your own personal situation. This not only helps us maximize our level of satisfaction, it will give you the best deal for your buck. Give us a try, our work is guaranteed. 


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Example of how Opti Coat Pro Plus works on paint.