Suntek PPF & Window Tint

New vehicle Protection/Customization:

  • *Ceramic Coatings Inside and Out (Opticoat and Ceramic Pro)
  • *Paint Protection Film (PPF) (Xpel and Suntek)
  • *Coatings on Wheels Surfaces and Barrels
  • *Wheel Powder Coating or Rash Repair
  • *Brake Caliper Color Change
  • *Window Tint- Carbon or Ceramic (Lifetime Warranty)
  • *Vinyl Accents (Roof Wraps, Chrome Delete and Decals)
  • *Vinyl Wraps and Coatings for Wraps
  • *Custom Exhaust Fabrication
  • *Headlight Restoration and Repair
  • *Water Spotting and Overspray Removal
NextGen Framework

Make no mistake about it, buying a vehicle these days is an investment. The cost of everything has risen and the length of the car loans has gotten longer. In light of this investment, doesn’t it make sense to take steps to protect and preserve the vehicle you are spending so much on? Whether it is an expensive sports car or a vehicle destined for daily driver duty, every vehicle can benefit from being protected with Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film.

Suntek - Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Suntek offers breakthrough technology for paint protection applications. Features and benefits include:

  • Invisible protection from damage caused by rocks, salt,insects, and other road debris
  • A proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a high-gloss finish
  • Superior optical clarity

Self Healing Paint Protection Film

SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film is Scientifically formulated with an innovative, low surface top coat increasing stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface. SunTek Ultra has unrivaled durability and optical clarity backed by a 10-year warranty.

NextGen Framework

Suntek - Automotive Window Tinting

CeramicIR, the ultimate window film evolution, offers all the performance advantages of the popular CarbonXP (CXP) line as well as enhanced solar performance and infrared rejection. Other features and benefits include:

  • The latest in Ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid Carbon technology manufactured in the world's most technologically advanced facility
  • Non-reflective, "black" finish that will not fade
  • Exceptional heat, infrared and UV rejection increases comfort while providing high-end performance for high-end vehicles
  • Blocks over 99% of harmful ultraviolet light to protect vehicle occupants as well as the interior
  • Signal enabling technology that causes no interference with cell phone, radio or navigation system signals
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's warranty, that includes fading
NextGen Framework

Premium Ceramic Window Tint

CeramicIR (CIR) is the newest addition to SunTek's automotive window film line and is designed to deliver superior solar performance.

CeramicIR is the latest in Ceramic and non-metal, nano-hybrid Carbon technology manufactured in the world's most technologically advanced facility.